Management of Amazon payee central User’s Guide

Amazon payee central

Amazon payee Central User’s Guide This user guide will quickly provide information to Amazon suppliers on the basics of using the tools and functions offered by the Amazon Payee Central portal. This guide will help you manage your account and all users that have access to it. You will be able to search online for invoices or payments, as well as how to view their status. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to use Payee Central online to create an invoice. Many details are not included in this guide to keep it as concise as possible. Comprehensive training sessions can be found online regularly. What is Payee Central? Payee Central, an online self-service portal that assists suppliers in their business relationships with Amazon, is called Payee Central. Payee Central has many advantages: Check the status of your invoices and make payment immediately You can also create invoices online quickly and easily. Straightforward update of bank information. Simple user management Use these simple tools to reach Amazon Accessing Amazon Payee Central Navigate to the address below using the browser of choice to access Payee Central You can identify yourself on the portal’s front page by entering your email address, password and username. Payee Central portal can be accessed in multiple languages for your convenience. You can choose from the language menu at any page. Note:The functionalities we’ll be showing in this guide are for suppliers who have already previously set up an account. If your account still isn’t set up, please contact Amazon. Payee Central users can be set up Payee Central portal users are sensitive and can be difficult to manage. It is important that you carefully set up and maintain Payee Central users. It is essential that you do this. Only give access to users who really need it. Configure each user to…

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