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Learn a way to power high-cost moves and pleasure your clients with virtual and bodily objects introduced via na moment Amazon

What are Amazon Moments?

Amazon Moments is an advertising device created via way of means of Amazon to permit manufacturers to supply bodily and virtual rewards to clients.

When clients entire a positive motion on an emblem’s app or internet site, Amazon provides tailor-made rewards to the ones clients on behalf of the emblem. Amazon Moments may be applied on iOS, Android, FireOS (the proprietary working machine for Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices), and the net.

As of its release in February 2019, Amazon already had 20 manufacturers on board with the Moments device, such as Tik Tok, Bravo, Sony Crackle, Sesame Street, Washington Post, and Disney Heroes.

How do Amazon Moments work for?

Amazon Moments gives a lightweight API that builders can combine with their app or internet site. When a person completes the preferred motion, the Moments API offers them a praise URL to redeem their prize via Amazon.

For bodily rewards, Amazon handles achievement from their warehouses. Rewards have to be merchandise or virtual downloads already to be had for buy on Amazon.

Why use Amazon Moments?

Moments permits manufacturers to praise clients once they carry out a commercially precious motion in an app or on an internet site, which includes renewing a subscription or referring a brand new person.

Amazon Moments lets manufacturers automate and streamline those in-app rewards.

Instead of getting to installation a rewards software in-house, Moments lets manufacturers leverage Amazon’s product choice and achievement attain to provide rewards.

Brands and apps not must be the intermediary whilst presenting rewards and items to their clients and customers. Amazon’s worldwide footprint lets manufacturers praise clients in over a hundred countries.

“All the rewards which can be a part of this system are disbursed via Amazon without the marketer having to fear approximately sourcing or the achievement of the rewards. Marketers best pay once they power moves for his or her business.

How many tons do Amazon Moments cost?

Moments makes use of a cost-per-motion (CPA) pricing model, permitting manufacturers of all sizes to scale their rewards packages via Moments primarily based totally on their budget.

Ideally, those manufacturers can be popping out beforehand withinside the long run; the rewarded moves need to be the ones so as to inspire destiny engagement and conversions from customers and their friends.

It’s additionally really well worth noting that constructing a rewards software from the floor up may be cost-prohibitive, mainly for smaller manufacturers; corporations reportedly spend extra than $2 billion on loyalty packages each year.

But even as it’s pricey to keep clients, it’s even extra pricey to lose them — it prices 5x extra to accumulate a brand new patron because it does to keep a current one.

Taking patron loyalty packages to the subsequent level

Amazon Moments has come alongside at a time whilst increasingly manufacturers are striving to distinguish their rewards packages. Customer loyalty packages are particularly common; the standard US family belongs to fourteen unique rewards packages.

Brands must paintings tougher than ever to face out, grow patron retention, and construct loyalty.

Many manufacturers provide the complete rewards software via a branded app, requiring that clients download the app, experiment it in stores, or even make purchases via the app in change for points.

Tools like Amazon Moments and, a platform that enables manufacturers to construct out and automate patron praise packages and emblem communities, are assisting manufacturers to create those rewards reviews while not having to begin from scratch.

The backside line is this: The extra engaged and invested clients experience invested in an emblem and its rewards software, the much more likely they’re to make purchases and have interaction with the emblem — and percentage it with their own circle of relatives and friends.

Engage each patron

Amazon Moments lets you supply bodily and virtual objects to your clients in over a hundred countries. Increase engagement via way of means of providing tailor-made rewards introduced via way of means of Amazon whilst clients attain moves that depend on your apps and websites. When the usage of Moments, apps throughout industries have visible enhancements in engagement — in gaming, one developer accelerated their percent of first-time payers via na moment Amazon way of means of 20x. A streaming video carrier offered $10 really well worth of bodily rewards and doubled the chance of triumphing again a subscriber.

What corporations are pronouncing approximately Moments

Disney Heroes Battle Mode

“We examined Amazon Moments along with our ordinary person acquisition and had been inspired with its returns – we accelerated internet sales 6.8x via way of means of providing players $five Amazon credit score for achieving Team Level 15 withinside the game. The integration turned easy and short for our dev group to implement. We’re searching ahead to attempting Amazon Moments once more withinside the destiny each as an acquisition and retention device.”

— Andy Jennings, User Acquisition Manager, PerBlue

Sago Mini Na Moment Amazon

“Our Moments marketing campaign truly resonated with our person base and helped power a 296% growth in downloads for certainly considered one among our legacy titles. We additionally favored being one of the early companions for the Moments software. It turned into a completely unique test that allowed us to talk to and praise our virtual clients, in addition, to construct attention around our bodily toys.”


TikTok keeps to paintings intently with them on revolutionary advertising projects like Amazon Moments even as increasing our worldwide footprint.”

— TikTok

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Is there an API for the Amazon second worker scheduling portal?

Hi. I am regarding the internet site that Amazon top now Whole Foods Market personnel use to timetable their shifts. Is there an API for this internet site? I’m suspecting there’s seeing that there’s a choice withinside the Amazon second account possibilities that permit a worker to installation to get hold of SMS textual content messages on every occasion an open shift is published to the site. If now no longer, is it viable to expand an android app that detects buttons and hyperlinks on net pages and clicks on them programmatically? I need the app to run withinside the historical past and ship notifications withinside the notification bar. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Answer :

  1. Thanks for posting to the forums. For in addition to steering concerning, please communicate together along with your manager.
  2. I do now no longer have any suggestions. The textual content works for me great to inform me of the timetable this is to be had.

Is Amazon Moment the best manner to get shifts? There aren’t any postings

So I’ve been seeking to get a shift on Amazon Moment, however, there aren’t any postings at all. I get a mail pronouncing there are OT/ET postings however whilst logged into Moment, I noticed none and I haven’t been capable of getting a shift for an afternoon now and don’t need to overlook extra days in case I get fired or something.

So, is Moment the best manner? I haven’t obtained a hard and fast timetable or something from my manager. Been doing the whole thing on Moment. I’ve begun out a final week and I’ve nevertheless harassed approximately this stuff. If anybody can assist me via this, I’d truly admire it!


  1. I simply began outrunning the final week. They despatched out an electronic mail pointing out to forestall the usage of Moment to time table shifts and begin the usage of A to Z. But after I log right into a to z, there’s no button to enroll in shifts. It’s simply blank. I referred to as the helpline and he or she did now no longer realize why or a way to repair it. Then she left me on keep and by no means back to the call.
  2. The same man, I had orientation final week. I’m now no longer capable of access A to Z and I referred to them as them. They stated appearance on A to Z, I’m like WHERE?. Horrible management
  3. Use a to z now. However, shifts best display up which can be to be had. If a person has signed on and additionally taken the final to be had a shift, then it’s going to now no longer be seen to you.
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