Hire virtual assistants $2 per hour

Hire virtual assistants $2 per hour & Grow your business

Did you know that you can hire virtual assistants $2 per hour?

You can hire skilled Philippines assistants and you can also find and hire qualified virtual staff that specializes in digital marketing, SEO, programming, content, and graphic design.Hire virtual assistants $2 per hour


It is completely different from hiring freelancers to be your virtual assistant.


As an entrepreneur, I used to spend so much energy on the random tasks that would arise in my life and business that it felt almost like I was fighting to complete the work that made a difference. One day, I had an idea for a Facebook advertisement that I wanted to test. It was supposed to take about an hour to set up, but I spent the whole afternoon researching the best type of Facebook ads for the job. By the end of the day, I was so tired and confused that the ad wasn’t even created. This was frustrating for me as a person who values his time as one of his most precious resources.

One year ago, my goal was to improve my skills. A little research revealed that you can hire a virtual assistant for as low as $2 an hour. This is a complete post that I wrote about how to hire a VA. It includes specific steps and templates that have been successful.

Hire virtual assistants $2 per hour


What is the cost of a virtual assistant?

An average VA in the Philippines will cost $300-$500 per month. Some VAs charge more or less. It all depends on your skill level and previous experience.

Is it ethical to pay someone $2/hour?

It’s not because I’m a Victorian-era slave pusher. It’s ethical because of these:

  • Average store clerk in the Philippines gets paid between 160-$170 per month
  • Depending on where you live, the minimum wage can be anywhere from $7 to $12 per day.
  • Mc Donald’s, and other large businesses pay employees $0.80-1 an hour
  • An accountant’s starting salary (CPA) is between $500-$600 per month
  • You will be paid $2/hour for a worker you hire. SEO specialists, for example, are paid significantly more. An average salary for an SEO/PPC specialist is between $500 and $1,000 per month.

Where can I find a virtual assistant? Visit

Post a job free of charge, and you can see the number of applicants. Then upgrade to a business membership with a risk-free guarantee. You can contact as many virtual assistants you wish, and post multiple jobs.

Are you looking to hire? Virtual assistants starting at $1 an hour Is it possible?

The simple answer is NO. But, let’s talk about Virtual Assistants starting at $1 This can be done per task. How? Next, I will tell you.

There are certain tasks that must be done on a daily or weekly basis to keep a business afloat. It would be a foolish decision to hire an assistant in-house to handle all of these small tasks.

These tasks can be delegated to a virtual assistant. Pay per Task Based on the task’s duration, you can get a basis as low as $1 per task or as high as $2 per task. You can outsource small tasks that take between 5-10 minutes and up to $10 for as low as $1. Similar to the above, tasks that last 10-20 minutes can be outsourced for only $1.

It is important to have an assistant that can handle all of these tasks within your budget.

22 Tasks that a virtual assistant can take over at a very low cost

Now you are able to hire a virtual assistant for $2. Are you aware of the tasks that you can delegate to a virtual assistant? See the following list and let us know if you have any questions. Please contact us.

22 small tasks you can outsource

  1. Basic Data Entry
  2. Schedule social media updates
  3. Formatting and scheduling email newsletters
  4. Collecting testimonials
  5. Collecting product reviews
  6. Manage blog comments
  7. Upload blog posts to WordPress
  8. Updating SEO content on websites and installing plugins
  9. Backups of websites
  10. Convert files
  11. Spreadsheet creation and maintenance
  12. Monitoring and fixing broken links
  13. Management of customer databases
  14. Canva and other apps allow you to create posters and thumbnails.
  15. How to manage LinkedIn accounts
  16. How to manage Pinterest accounts
  17. Quick research and updating
  18. Hashtag research
  19. Your eCommerce website can list products
  20. Refunds and processing orders for your eCommerce store
  21. Research into property
  22. Entry of product data in Ecommerce

Virtual assistants for as low as $3 an hour

While $3/hour is a small amount to hire a virtual assistant who is qualified, there are tasks that don’t require too much work and can be handled by a non-graduate assistant.

These are some simple tasks that you can outsource for $3/hr

  • Basic data entry (Not too complex)
  • Basic research (simple).
  • Backup of filesHire virtual assistants $2 per hour
  • Paste data from excel into copy-paste
  • Online forms
  • Surveys online
  • Captcha typing
  • Filtering emails / Managing spam
  • Update Contacts in Your CRM
  • Conversion, splitting and merging PDFs
  • Tweets
  • Upload videos to YouTube

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5 Steps To Find Cheap Virtual Assistants That Rock

A virtual assistant can help you improve your business and personal life. You’re likely to be a solopreneur looking for a cheap virtual assistant.

Perhaps you are doing your third or fourth round and want to learn from past mistakes so you can do it better.

Your business is at the point where:

  • Personal bandwidth is running out to help your business grow
  • Tired of repeating the same tasks over and again
  • It would be a great help to have some guidance.

You don’t have enough money to start your business, so outsourcing is not an option.

You look forward to a future in which you can rest easily on Sunday afternoons knowing that your VA army will take care of everything – “The 4-Hour Workweek”.

You are looking to be a true, honest-to-goodness entrepreneur who employs and manages others, rather than a solopreneur.

This post will assist you in reaching your goal, but it may not be what is expected.

Are You Looking for the Best VA Bang for Your Buck?

Although we have limited resources for growing our businesses, it is important to remember that cheap VAs can bring more problems than they save you.

You can still get very useful VAs at very low hourly rates.

If you only focus on the hourly rate that a VA charges, without taking into account the full picture of how working with them will look like, you might experience “outsourcing challenges” similar to what I have experienced over the past 6 and 7 years.

Trust me on this: I have spent more than $75,000 hiring VAs in the last 7 years.

You’re looking for VAs that will give you a great bang for your buck even if they cost a little more per hour.

Also, what are you looking for? Very valuable VAsThey are also reasonably priced.

Great people will make a great business.

“You need to have a strong team because mediocre teams give mediocre results no matter how well managed they are.”

Bill Gates

Virtual assistants can offer many benefits. Virtual assistants can be hired for the following:

  • Don’t do tasks that you don’t like or aren’t skilled at.
  • Spend more time doing what you love
  • You can grow your business faster than you can by yourself

If you hire poorly, however, you will have to deal:

  • Communicate with your VAs a lot
  • Spending money on work you don’t need
  • Micromanagement is frustrating.

This way, you can get the good stuff and not have to deal with the negative It is possible to pick great people and give them full-time work, so they can have a “teammate”, rather than a “freelancer” mindset.

It is important to realize that hiring can be a complicated process. You can learn this skill over time, but there will be many learning opportunities.

A combination of great hiring practices and emotional intelligence is key to great hiring.

Part-time Freelancers vs. Full-time Teammates

Are you looking to hire a group of freelancers to work with your business or do you prefer a dedicated team?

Because full-time VAs view themselves as team members and feel connected to your success.

Part-time VAs view themselves as freelancers when they are hired. This means that if another client offers a slightly higher rate, they will either give priority to that client’s work or drop you all together to work for them.

The benefits of full-time employment

Jonathan Kennedy spoke about this phenomenon during his DCBKK 2016 talk, Hey Carson, on scaling his Shopify support business.

He stated that when you are able to work with full-time colleagues, you can achieve a synergistic effect equal to 1+1=3.

Freelancers are always motivated to make more money.

If you don’t know what the DC is, it stands to the Dynamite Circle. It’s a group of location-independent entrepreneurs who hold its main event every year in Bangkok. Below you can see Melanie, my wife, and I at the mastermind for membership site.

virtual assistants for $2 per hour

Three Steps to Hire Great VAs

Pick where you will find your VA

Logistically speaking, there are three places that you can look online for highly skilled VAs at an affordable price:

  1. Fiverr can be used for simple tasks but it is not recommended to use this site to search for a full-time VA.
  2. UpWork is great, but they charge high fees. Once you have found a VA who is a star, you will want to remove them from the site.
  3. This is the only place I can now hire from Online jobs have been the source of all my long-term enhancements in my life, stress reduction, and daily VAs. Here are some examples. Full online job description This is what I wrote to give you a deeper look into the platform.

Posting the Job Description

When describing the job you are looking for, don’t be too fancy. Be specific about the skills and deliverables that you are looking for.

There are a few virtual assistant hacks to help you find the best because you will get many applications for your job posting.

Hire Hack #1: Use an Easter Egg

An easter egg is a great way to make sure you are hiring detail-oriented VAs. The beauty of the “easter eggs” is its simplicity, yet effectiveness.

You just need to add a key phrase in the middle section of your job description that would be something like:

“At the beginning of your application, please include the phrase “I’m your next rockstar VA” if you want to be considered for this position.”

This should not be bolded. It shouldn’t be bolded (but it shouldn’t be hidden).

Next, go through each application. You can quickly check the top of the proposal to see if the easter egg was included Or not.


You don’t want to hire someone who can’t pay attention to the details on a job application.

Hire Hack #2: Give them a Few Simple Tasks to Do

Another great hiring trick is to ask your VAs to perform a few tasks for you.

You can, for example, say in your job description: “Please go to 16 personalities, take the free test there and tell me about your results.”

You can also ask them to take a free English grammar test, and then report the results to you (if English proficiency is relevant to the job, which it almost always IS).

You want to hire for any position that requires writing.

But, in the end, these exercises are about seeing:

  • Can the applicants do these simple, fast tasks that I ask?
  • How do they complete the tasks? What happens if they tell me I’m an INFP when I take the personality test? Or do they link to the entire report?

Hiring Hack #3 – Ask for a Short Application Video

If you are only interested in outsourcing to “A Players”, asking for a video of your application is a powerful move.

You can simply ask your applicants to make a short, under 3 minute video with their phone or laptop. Ask them to tell you a little about themselves and why they are interested in this job. Then ask them to show their workspace.

This video is so useful for several reasons:

  1. The applicant gets to see if the video is made. This is a huge positive sign.
  2. The applicant can be seen on camera being authentic and honest.
  3. Find out their motivations. If they say something like “I have another kid and I need money”this is a great sign. It shows that they are motivated to work hard for you.
  4. View their workspace.

Hope this video will help you

Closing Comments

Hire smart and hire full-time. Learn from the inevitable failures and you will be able to scale your business beyond what you put in. You can also get a VA who provides incredible value and is affordable.

What were your experiences hiring VAs? Please comment.




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