Amazon payee central

Management of Amazon payee central User’s Guide

Amazon payee Central User’s Guide

This user guide will quickly provide information to Amazon suppliers on the basics of using the tools and functions offered by the Amazon Payee Central portal. This guide will help you manage your account and all users that have access to it. You will be able to search online for invoices or payments, as well as how to view their status. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to use Payee Central online to create an invoice. Many details are not included in this guide to keep it as concise as possible. Comprehensive training sessions can be found online regularly.

What is Payee Central?

Payee Central, an online self-service portal that assists suppliers in their business relationships with Amazon, is called Payee Central.

Payee Central has many advantages:

  • Check the status of your invoices and make payment immediately
  • You can also create invoices online quickly and easily.
  • Straightforward update of bank information.
  • Simple user management
  • Use these simple tools to reach Amazon

Accessing Amazon Payee Central

Navigate to the address below using the browser of choice to access Payee Central

You can identify yourself on the portal’s front page by entering your email address, password and username. Payee Central portal can be accessed in multiple languages for your convenience. You can choose from the language menu at any page.

Amazon payee central

Note:The functionalities we’ll be showing in this guide are for suppliers who have already previously set up an
account. If your account still isn’t set up, please contact Amazon.

Payee Central users can be set up

Payee Central portal users are sensitive and can be difficult to manage. It is important that you carefully set up and maintain Payee Central users. It is essential that you do this.

  • Only give access to users who really need it.
  • Configure each user to only allow them to access the appropriate information
  • Regularly update the permissions of users
  • You can revoke access to users who have left your company.

Click on the Users tab to access the user management tool. You can access all Payee Central functionalities by clicking on the grey bar at the top of every page.

Amazon payee central User Setting up

Management of users

The list of all users is displayed in the User management tool. You can create or modify an existing user from this page.

Click the button at the top right of the page to create a new user.

Amazon pay Control User management

Next, enter your user name and email address and click on Add permissions.

amazon pay control user guide

This will allow you to give each user the permissions they need to do their job. Each permission grants the user access to powerful functions. Be sure to choose the right permissions and their recipients carefully.

amazon pay control user the permissions

Access the User management tool above to edit an existing user. Click the Edit button next the user’s name and then follow the same steps.

Admin or not? Users with administrator rights are automatically granted access to all the tools and functionalities
of Payee Central. In addition to that, admin users can also grant access to new Payee Central users, and they can edit
any existing user’s access rights, including an existing user’s administrator rights.
In the interests of business continuity, administrator access should be given to more than one individual user.
However, for security reasons, admin access should be strictly limited to a small number of trusted colleagues.

Update your bank details

It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that Amazon has accurate and current bank information. Amazon payments may not reach your address on time if you do not provide accurate bank data.

Payee Central is your first use. Please make sure to update your bank details immediately after a change occurs in your bank account.

Management of accounts

Click on the Accounts tab to access the account management tool.


Management of accounts (2)

The Accounts tool shows the contact and payment information for your Payee Central account. Scroll down and click on the Edit button to update the data.

Make any necessary adjustments to your data and then click Save.

You will be asked to enter your old account number when you make any changes to your payment details. This is for security reasons so make sure you have both sets of information before you begin.

Only users with administrator rights have the ability to edit bank details. You can only edit bank details if you have administrator rights.

Check the status of your invoices

Payee Central lets you view the status of any invoices that you have submitted to Amazon at any given time. Click on the Search invoices button in the Invoices tab to access the invoice management tool.

Viewing the status of your invoices

The default setting of the invoice management tool is to display the list of invoices that have been received and processed within the last three month.

amazon pay control Viewing the status of your invoices

Notice: All invoices are stored by the system for three years. If you need to locate an invoice that isn’t on the list, use the Quick Search function at the top. Enter the invoice number or Amazon purchase order number into the search box and click on the Search button to quickly locate an invoice. Advanced search can be used to refine your query.

Click on View Details in the Action column to see details about an invoice.

amazon pay control Action column to see details about an invoice.

Payee Central displays details of the invoice including the header, line items, and invoice status.

  • Paid The payment has been successfully made.
  • In Progress – The invoice is being processed.
  • Invoice Scheduled for Payment – The invoice was successfully processed and payment will take place at the due date.
  • Payment failure – Amazon attempted to pay the invoice but was denied payment
  • Canceled – The invoice was canceled upon request by either Amazon or the supplier.
  • Invalid – The invoice was not compliant and was therefore rejected.

You can view details about Amazon payments

The payment search tool functions in the same manner as the invoice search. Click on the Payments tab to access the payment search tool.

amazon pay control view details about Amazon payments

The Payments tool displays all payments that were made within the last three months by default.

amazon pay control Viewing details of Amazon payments

This tool will allow your Accounts receivable department to make easy payments. Click View Details in the line you choose to view payment details, such as the amount, date, payment method, and relevant invoice numbers.

If you don’t see the payment you are looking for, enter an invoice number (or an Amazon payment ID) in the search box at top of the Payments page.

Contact Amazon

You will need to create a Contact Us case to contact Amazon. This will allow the system to forward the request to the most qualified team. Click on the Contact Us tab to get started.

amazon pay control Contacting Amazon

This tool will list a summary of any existing contacts that you may have. Click on the Create contact button to start a new case

amazon pay control The tool lists a summary


On the next page, choose the topic that best describes the issue. Fill in the spaces on the right with a description and a detailed description. If necessary, you can also add copies of the case and attachments to help our teams understand the issue.

amazon pay control summary

Scroll down to the bottom and click Send a message to Amazon. Our supplier contact teams will process your query and send you a response shortly thereafter.

Online invoice creation

Payee Central’s invoice creation tool is more effective than paper invoicing.

  • Efficiency Minimizes human interaction
  • Economy is a standard feature that costs nothing to implement.
  • Simplicity is intuitive and simple to use.
  • Accuracy: No errors, no losses
  • Speed Instant transmission and processing

We’ll be discussing purchase orders before we look at the online invoice-creation tool. Amazon issues a purchase order (PO), which is an official document that confirms an agreement to procure goods and services from a supplier. Amazon may allow suppliers to issue invoices in rare cases without a purchase order. In such cases, the process of creating an online invoice is more complicated and will take longer to complete. Even in cases that they are not required, suppliers should request a purchase order number.

Payee Central allows you to create invoices online by clicking on the Create invoices link under the Invoices tab.

amazon pay control Creating invoices online

An invoice should always include a justification. This allows the system to verify that the item you are requesting payment for has been ordered by Amazon.

Justification can be either a PO number if you have one of the contact information of the person who asked you to supply goods and services.

When you go to invoice creation, you will be asked to either copy or paste a PO number or declare that you don’t have one.

amazon pay control Accordingly

The process of creating an invoice is dependent on which option you choose. If a PO was issued before the creation of your invoice, it will be much quicker.

We’ll be covering how to create an invoice from its individual parts, including the header, line items, and tax.

Step 1: Enter the invoice header details

The purchase order includes all information related to the invoicing entity. If you have previously entered a PO number, the invoice header will be mostly filled in automatically.

amazon pay control Invoice header details

You only need to include the invoice number, optional description, and invoice date.

Notice: If you do not have a PO number, the first step may take longer. The header will be empty in this instance because there is no PO number. This header must be manually completed. After the invoice has been submitted, you will be asked to enter the email address of the Amazon representative who will approve and confirm it. You will also need to provide the invoice number, the detailed description, the invoice date, and the type of invoice (i.e. You will need to manually supply the invoice number, a detailed description, the invoice type (i.e. goods or services), Amazon billing address, shipping address, and the payee (i.e. The entity within your company issuing the invoice), and the payment type.

You can see that there are many benefits to obtaining a purchase order before you create your online invoice. A PO allows you to enter much of your header data automatically, while it is completely manual without one.

Remember that more data is required to make your invoice, the greater the chance of errors that could delay payment.

Step 2: Detail the item

The system automatically enters line items if you have a PO before creating an invoice. Amazon’s purchase order contains the line item data. This includes descriptions, quantities, and prices. You only need to verify that the information is accurate.

amazon pay control Line item details

You can adjust quantities and prices if necessary. However, in the event of discrepancies between the invoices and POs, payment will be automatically put on hold while the investigation is done.

Notification: If you do not have a purchase order, it will be more difficult and the line items will have to be manually entered. Enter the line item details in the Description field. You should enter a description that matches the Amazon goods and services. Next, enter the item type, quantity, unit type, price per unit, and whether the item is exempt from tax. Continue filling out each line until you have completed the invoice.

You can see that there are many benefits to obtaining a purchase order before you create your online invoice. The system automatically enters the line item details for you, while it is completely manual without a PO.

Remember that more data is required to make your invoice, the greater the chance of errors that could delay payment.

Step 3: Taxes and totals

The Totals section includes line item amounts before and after-tax, as well as possible freight costs and a summary of tax.

Not unlike the previous steps, the totals and tax process are the same regardless of whether you have a PO.

The totals are calculated automatically based on the amounts shown in the line items section.

amazon pay control Tax and totals

Click on Add freight to add freight costs. Enter the total freight cost for the entire invoice. The total invoice amount will be automatically recalculated.

If necessary, you can attach supporting documents (which is always a good idea if there’s no PO). Click Show more to do this. Then, you will be asked to upload your files and provide a description.

amazon pay control supporting documents

Once you are done, review your invoice and click the checkbox. Click the Submit button to submit your invoice to Amazon.

amazon pay control When done

After the invoice has been submitted you will see the confirmation message. The system will then redirect you to the list with your most recent invoices.

amazon pay control Once the invoice has been submitted

Once submitted, Amazon’s systems immediately begin processing the invoice. The Search invoices tool, which we previously saw, allows you to view the status of your invoice at any moment. you can ask more here

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