Best amazon owned website for book reviews

10 Best Amazon owned website for book reviews 2021

Book lovers, we’re here to stop you if you’ve already heard it: You just finished reading a remarkable book and you want to have a discussion about it. What should you do? You can search the Internet for book review sites. there are top 10 Amazon owned website for book reviews.

Another scenario is that you have finished a book and are now looking for something to fill your void. You might want more of the same or something entirely different. You will likely also search the Internet for trustworthy recommendations and ratings.

There are many options. Review blogs You can also browse book review websites.UnUnfortunately, not all of them offer enough variety to be helpful. We’ve got your back! Here are ten of the most popular book review websites To satisfy the bookworm within you

1. Goodreads

amazon owned website for book reviews

Styles for review Community reviews and star rating

Goodreads is the Facebook for book reviews. It is the best social media platform available to bibliophiles. This is how Goodreads works: You can organize, display, and talk about your virtual bookshelf with others using Goodreads.

Goodreads recommends books based on your interests. Follow authors and book influences from Celeste Ng up to Bill Gates. You can view all of their reviews. These range from concise one-liners to detailed analysis. Then, watch as new reviews are added. You can quickly judge the book by the star rating they give it.

Goodreads also compiles lists of the most popular books in every genre. The Goodreads’ Choice Awards celebrates each year’s new releases. You can vote for your favorite or browse the list to find a new book. You can comment and interact with other readers, so it’s suitable for all types of readers.

2. LibraryThing

owned website for book reviews

Review styles Community reviews, star rating, recommendation  


This is the OG online book catalog and discussion board. Take a look to see why it’s such an oldie, but a greatie. LibraryThing functions are very similar to Goodreads in that there are millions upon millions of books readers can add to their list, and they can also review them with star ratings.

Although the interface is reminiscent of earlier days of the internet, LibraryThing still has a secret weapon: the Zeitgeist. This page lists the best of the site’s content, including the most popular books and the hottest reviews. It is constantly updated. A quick glance will show that readers know how to read between lines and use their words.

LibraryThing is the best site for sharing literary thoughts and ideas with other sharp-minded users. You don’t even need an account to access LibraryThing.

3. Reedsy Discovery

amazon owned The website for book reviews

Review styles: Star rating, recommendation, editorial reviews, and community reviews (video option)

Reedsy Discovery has the answer if you are looking for hidden gems. Our blog covers everything, from classics to current hits, but Discovery’s specialty lies in indie publications. Many of these are accompanied by succinct comments by experienced reviewers. There is no better way than to expand your horizons!

If you prefer casual and creative reviews, then Discovery’s growing community of readers can comment, leave one-line reviews and even video reviews (calling all Booktubers!) about just about any book. This is a great way to have fun with your favorite books and find the most unique titles that you won’t see anywhere else. this is the best amazon owned website for book reviews I ever watched.

Want to learn something new?

You can trust real people to recommend books, not robots.

4. LoveReading

There are best owned website for book reviews

Review styles: Reviews by staff and guests

Although it is based in the UK, this site has a global reach. LoveReading focuses solely on review sites. It has a team of writers and carefully chosen contributors to ensure that the reviews are excellent. Staff often share personal reading experiences, making their recommendations feel like they are from a friend. You even get presents – if you consider giveaways to be gifts!

LoveReading has books in every genre. You’ll always have something to read, with weekly, monthly and yearly lists.

5. The Millions

website for book reviews amazon

Review styles: Reviews by professional and guest contributors

Are you looking for reviews that actually explore the themes, metaphors, and overall executions in high-brow and interesting books? The Millions has you covered.

These reviews were written by a group of experienced critics. They are full of memorable quotes, elegant analysis, and many comparisons to other works. This means that you will get more reading suggestions! The Millions is the place to go if you love literary fiction and contemporary fiction.

6. SFBook Reviews

Great website for book reviews

Review style: Staff reviews

Those who believe quality and quantity don’t necessarily go hand in hand haven’t seen SFBook Reviews. These five reviewers share two important goals. First, they want to keep up with the new releases in sci-fi, fantasy and horror every year. Second, they want to provide thoughtful reviews for as many as possible.

The team is very familiar with their SFF niches, and their opinions are highly credible. Their reviews are friendly and personal, and they talk about other books to help you choose the right book. you can also check this

7. Bookpage

amazon owned Popular website for book reviews

Review style: Professionals

Bookpage contains all genres, including children’s books and nonfiction, as well as works by household names and debut authors. They present the books they consider most valuable and then recommend them to you.

Bookpage features interviews with authors and articles that explore the deeper meanings and purposes of books. This is the place to be if you are a book lover looking for like-minded literary enthusiasts.

8. Book Riot

website for book reviews owned

Review styles: Staff reviews and recommendations

You’re probably an avid reader who has stumbled across Book Riot many times. Although it doesn’t assess each title, it does have lists that include the best books in every genre. Book Riot also has many think pieces that go deep into how certain titles make readers feel, whether they are motivated, exhilarated, or angry. This is really all you need when embarking on a new reading journey.

Book Riot also offers a variety of podcasts to listen to discussions, reviews, and other content.

9. NetGalley

amazon best website for book reviews

Review styles: Star rating, member reviews, spotlight review

NetGalley offers new and unusual recommendations. They are a platform that connects authors to readers looking to read and preview books. Although the selection of books featured here is not extensive, it’s well worth your time.

NetGalley is a book recommendation site for readers, Bookish. Here, staff reviewers provide updates on their latest reads and their thoughts. Bookish offers book club kits that include comprehension questions and discussion points to help readers read carefully. you can also take help from this

10. BookBub

amazon real website for book reviews

Review styles: Star rating, recommendation, and community reviews (US only).

BookBub is very similar to Goodreads. However, BookBub focuses on connecting readers with books that may suit them — which is why you’ll find lots of deals and bargains on the site.

BookBub’s strong author community is a result of its promotional value. Diana Gabaldon or Gillian Flynn are two examples of people who regularly recommend books to their accounts. This is a great website to check out if you want to tag along with your favorite author. BookBub has one problem: they have only community reviews from US users. You have to sign up to view them.

These ten sites will help you find your book-loving community, regardless of your interests. Here’s to stimulating TBR lists, and well-nourished minds!


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