Amazon Dropship Assistant

Hiring an Amazon Dropship Assistant And Grow your business

How does Amazon Dropship Assistant work?

  • First of all the work gets started when a customer buys a product from the list made by Amazon Dropship Assistant.
  • After the finalization of the transaction, the assistant buys that product from the original supplier by giving them the buyer’s information.
  • At last, the work gets done when he delivers the order to the customer.

What about Amazon Dropshipping?

Amazon is one of the biggest selling platforms and Dropshipping on Amazon is the best way to earn money on a big scale. The real, successful, and valuable business one can do is to become an Amazon Dropship Assistant.

Amazon Dropship Assistant doesn’t buy goods or things, instead, works as an order receiver and then gives them to the supplier.

Do you want to sell products on Amazon without spending tons of hours? The best advice you could go for is to enter via dropshipping on Amazon and take dropship assistant.

Let’s give a quick introduction to dropshipping and dropshipping particularly on Amazon! Dropshipping is a kind of e-commerce selling method in which the seller doesn’t buy products from the manufacturers or distributers but instead taking orders from the people on the behalf of manufacturers, and supplies them to the third party for delivering the order to the buyer.

Amazon Dropship Assistant

Amazon Dropshipping Policy:

Amazon has made some strict rules and policies that one should be aware of before getting to start your business. The Amazon Dropship Assistant must always:

  • Be the seller of the products listed.
  • Should get responsibility for receiving and returns of orders by customers.
  • Must identify as the seller on all packing slips, invoices, and other information on products.
  • Remove any packing slips or invoices containing information of a third-party drop shipper.
  • Should comply with all the terms and conditions of the agreement and Amazon policies.

Examples of un-allowed Amazon dropshipping:

  • You couldn’t purchase products from other online retailers.  Moreover, you can’t allow that retailer for direct shipping to the customers.
  • Amazon doesn’t allow you to ship orders containing packing slips, invoices, or any other information that shows the name or contact information of any other seller instead of your own.

What are the services provided by Amazon Dropship Assistant?

If you want to get fewer burdens on your shoulders and make more money without spending many hours, then an Amazon Dropship Assistant selection would be a wise decision. Before going to handover your work to Amazon Dropship Assistant, let’s give a quick review of the services Amazon Dropship Assistant provides:

Management of products:

To manage all your Amazon products’ editing or updating will be the work of your assistant.

Receiving orders:

The customers who buy the products from your listing will be categorized by your assistant and deliver them within the required time.

Promotion of products:

Promotion is the better way to get increment in sales. Your Amazon Dropship Assistant would do it on social media sites to help you earn a lot of money.

Customer support:

Responsive & cooperative customer support could help your listings to gain more audience. Your Amazon Dropship Assistant would do it on your behalf. The team will answer all questions by the audience and ultimately will attract more visitors.

Amazon Dropship Assistant


Do you want to do Amazon Dropship Business?

There is an easy guide through which one can start dropshipping on Amazon and become a successful Amazon Dropship Assistant.

Step # 1: To create an account:

If you want to become a seller on Amazon, the primary thing to do is to set up an Amazon Seller account.

  • Firstly, go to a website named “”.
  • You will be shown two options.
  • If you are a professional then go to the “Professional category” otherwise, the category of “Individual” must be your choice.


PROFESSIONAL SELLER: $39.99 per month.

INDIVIDUAL SELLER: No subscription fees.

  • Select the one and move on to the other step.

Step # 2: To find products:

The second key step is to find those products that people usually demand. The products having high demands in the market but low competition are ideal to select as it will immediately let your business get started. Here how you can go with the high demand but low competition products:

  • Categorize the products of competition very low to low.
  • Select the average monthly ultra sold in between 200 to 500 sales per month.
  • Set the average monthly prices ranges from $15 to $40.
  • You can set the niche score +7 onwards.
  • You will meet with a lot of product categories as per your selections.

Step # 3: To select the product category:

Once you have done with your filters, the big task is to select an ideal product category. Those categories that are considered as great options for beginners are home decors, sports, accessories, food, and outdoors. So, choose your product category carefully to start work as a great Amazon Dropship Assistant earlier.

The right choice can give you the early and sweeter fruit!

Step # 4: To check the products’ availability:

Finalization of product category doesn’t end up the task but after that, one needs to find out if the product is available or not. 

Step # 5: To learn about Amazon’s fees:

To learn about the fees of Amazon, go to the “Selling on the Amazon fee schedule”. Amazon’s fees vary according to the choice you have made. If you are a professional one then you will be needed to pay fees ranges between 8% – 15%. As an individual one, you need to pay the same but with an addition of $1 per sale.

Step # 6: Publish and get started:

Once you get done with all the requirements, you can publish your listing of products and can start selling as an Amazon Dropship Assistant!

Amazon Dropship Assistant

Amazon dropshipping Tools:

Here is a complete list of tools you could utilize to start your Amazon Dropshipping business easily and amazingly.

  • Keywords selection:

As keywords play an important role in the ranking of products, you first need to find out the competitive and most used keywords related to your products. You can use the following tools to find popular keywords:

  1. Google Search Console
  2. SECockpit
  3. Google KeywordPlanner
  5. Merchant words
  • Feed Check:

Feed check is another important tool that plays a wide role in letting you view all reviews of your products in one place. It works great if you have a vast selection of products in your loss as it allows the one to improve reviews by providing much better customer service than previously. You can also monitor competitor’s products through the use of this tool.

  • Listing Tools:

You can easily simplify your seller experience by utilizing various Amazon volume listing tools. Download spreadsheets for orders or other information and modify prices and quantity of products accordingly with much ease.

  • Sellery:

With the use of Sellery, you can run pricing experiments so far to get enter in the competitive and stay competitive to gain more profits. You can freely acquire the re-pricing strategies of Sellery to win the Amazon Buy Box.

  • Feedback Express:

As reviews matter a lot to decide your success rate and popularity, you can get more of them on your Amazon store by using Feedback Express. It doesn’t only help in getting more reviewing but also in blacklisting the continuous negative reviews adding customers. It also helps in removing negative reviews from stores to maintain your audience and responses.


How to create a successful Amazon Dropship Store?

If you want to get success in your Amazon dropshipping business then you just need to follow some tips. Here is a perfect guideline with tips that one can follow to reach the highest ranks of success.


The most primary tool to drive more traffic is to “promote.” The promotion of your products will increase your sales and, you will start moving towards the steps of success.

Ways for promotion of products:

  • Amazon Pay-Per-Click:

Amazon Pay-Per-Click is the initial tool for promotion through which you can create a lot of advertisements for the products you have listed. These advertisements will help your products rank higher in search results.

  • Socialization:

Social media has gotten great power. You can surely use it in a positive way for the promotion of your products. You can do posting on various social media sites, marketing through emails, and blogs.

High promotion, more population!


To do care of customers will help you in making more followers of your brand. The better customer care and support facilities you offer, the more it will give your brand success. To answer questions of your customers amazingly in detail could convince the other in becoming a regular customer.

Perfect answers, more orders!


To deliver the right product that the customer has demanded and within the right time could help your brand in receiving good reviews. As reviews play a key role in describing the brand, you need to take care of them.

The more you get punctual, the more your brand will rise higher!


Price says a lot! You must need to take care of pricing to make more clients. If prices and cost (product and shipping) seemed lower than others then it could give you fast customer response and great feedback. As

Response and feedback by customers make the brand popular!

  • Keywords:

Keywords decide the traffic on your products. The use of popular keywords that people usually use could help Google rank your site and ultimately, your products higher. It will catch more traffic and more orders.


Discounts mean to attract more buyers. It is one of the best ways to separate you from other sellers as a much better seller. Create coupons for Amazon and encourage buyers to select from your listings could help you in gaining more success earlier. But, keep that in your mind that you are making coupons according to what you could give you profit and fits in your expenses easily.

Big discounts, more traffic!

Amazon Dropship Assistant

Advantages of Amazon Dropshipping Business:

Amazon has almost 300 million active users that mean a huge population visit Amazon each day. As we have already discussed the details related to Amazon Dropshipping, let’s have a look through the pros of doing an Amazon Dropshipping business.


Dropshipping on Amazon is an easy-going business as there is no need to take stress over your buying and selling. One just needs to focus on receiving orders from customers and give an address to the supplier for deliverance.


As everyone couldn’t do a big investment, the Amazon Dropshipping business is the right choice to earn money at a low cost. There is no burden of paying to buy products or warehouse them. Instead, you will have to invest in purchasing an Amazon Seller Account and afterward, just take orders and fulfill them.


Furthermore, there are no shipping charges an Amazon Dropship Assistant needs to pay as the one passes out the order to the supplier for shipping.


The Amazon Dropshipping business is the best way to make more money by spending some hours per day. Once your brand and products start selling and gaining more visitors then there will be no way to see backward!

Disadvantages of Amazon Dropshipping Business:

Apart from many advantages, there are also some cons regarding Amazon Dropshipping Business. Here are some of them mentioned below:


The most difficult part for the seller with low margins is to deal with returned orders. In case of late delivery or return of orders, the retailer is responsible to handle issues. Otherwise, it could give negative feedback and ultimately, loss of orders and more customers.


The loss of customers could be happened due to a third party that does shipping. As the customer is in direct contact with the seller and doesn’t with the supplier, the late delivery of products could severely affect the relations between seller and customers which could lead to the loss of more orders by the same customer.


The bad category of products means that doesn’t receive more customers. Thus, if one has selected a category that doesn’t get more customers then it could put the seller’s efforts all in vain.


The seller through which a customer buys a product needs to get in touch with the purchaser. Not only this, but amazon Dropship Assistant also stays in touch with the supplier. So, if any mistake done by the supplier can result in breaking the loyalty bond between customer and seller. 


Q1. How much money one can make by doing dropshipping on Amazon?

Ans. It is not good to say that one can make $300-$500 in starting months but, the continuous succession of your business could reach up to this amount earning within a short time.

Q2. Can I start a Dropshipping business on Amazon at a low cost?

Ans. Every business needs investment. As far as Amazon’sDropshipping business is concerned, it requires comparably less investment than other businesses. The main step of investment is to buy an Amazon Seller account. So, you can start it with less money but do invest a lot of time in it to get success.

Q3. Is it good to select an Amazon Dropship Assistant?

Ans. Yes! It is surely a wise decision to select a good Amazon Dropship Assistant and hand over all the works up to the team. This will only help you in saving your time but, also in managing your tasks properly and making more money. 

Q4. Is dropshipping business on Amazon successful?

Ans. Of course! A lot of people are making tons of money through their Amazon Dropshipping business. All one needs to do focus and invest time with a regular struggle to reach the business at the highest ranks.

Q5. How can I easily start Amazon Dropshipping?

Ans. You can easily start your business by following the above-mentioned guide. Must take care of the rules and policies mentioned by Amazon to be safe and secure from loss.

Q6. What is the role of keywords in selling products?

Ans. Keywords are the most important tool to get more audience. Popular keywords help Google in ranking higher. So, the most popular keywords you use in your products’ details, the more audience and visitors will get to your site.

Are you ready to start Amazon Dropshipping?

Success never comes without struggle. Amazon Dropshipping is an online business but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to do struggle more. Every business succession rate depends on the struggle and focuses done by the businessman and, the same is what for Amazon Dropshipping Business. So, if have decided to start your business, must pay attention properly to it by following the above guidelines to reach the top of success.

Furthermore, if you have become a Professional in this business that you can also hire Amazon Dropship Assistant to save your time. By this, you can focus on your other businesses or works, and your Amazon Dropshipping business will keep running and growing successfully by the grace and struggle of your selected “BEST AMAZON DROPSHIP ASSISTANT”!

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